Trey is SVP of Engineering @ Lucidworks, co-author of Solr in Action, founder or Celiaccess.com, researcher/ public speaker on search, analytics, recommendation systems, and natural language processing.

More About Trey

Trey is the SVP of Engineering at Lucidworks, where he leads the engineering efforts for both open source Apache Lucene/Solr, as well as the Lucidworks Fusion platform and other product offerings.

Trey is also the co-author of Solr in Action, the comprehensive example-driven guide to Apache Solr.

Trey serves as an advisor to several startups, including the decentralized blockchain-based web search engine known as Presearch.

Trey previously served as the Director of Engineering for the Search, Recommendations, and Data Analytics teams at CareerBuilder, where he built out a team of several dozen software engineers and data scientists to deliver a robust semantic search, data analytics, and recommendation engine platform. This platform contained well over a billion documents and powered over 100 million searches per day across a large combination of consumer-facing websites and B2B Software as a Service products.

Prior to that, Trey founded Celiaccess, the Gluten-free search engine and networking site, where he continues to serve as the Chief Engineer.

Trey received his MBA in Management of Technology from Georgia Tech, studied Computer Science, Business, and Philosophy at Furman University, and has also completed Masters-level work in Information Retrieval and Web Search from Stanford University.

Trey is very happily married and lives with his wife, Lindsay, and their two daughters in Greenville, SC.