Trey is SVP of Engineering @ Lucidworks, co-author of Solr in Action, founder or Celiaccess.com, researcher/ public speaker on search, analytics, recommendation systems, and natural language processing.

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Solr in Action is Published!

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

After nearly two years of writing, editing, and coding up examples, I’m excited to announce that Solr in Action has finally been published! We released our first “early access” version back in October of 2012 and have since been working tirelessly to round out this comprehensive (664 pages!) guide covering versions through Solr 4.7.

Solr in [...]

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I’m excited to announce early access availability of Solr in Action, a book on Apache Solr 4 which I am co-authoring with Timothy Potter. The MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) released today, which means that you can purchase the book early and receive new chapters as they are being written so that you don’t [...]

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Celiaccess.com Launches!

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

On October 17th, my wife Lindsay and I launched a new website for the gluten-free community.  Celiaccess.com is a gluten-free search engine & networking site.  It is community supported, with users being able to add, update, and search through any products or restaurants to determine whether or not they contain gluten.  The idea is that [...]

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